Umbrella Statement in Bath

Bath Street Photography blog post

 Bath street photography

Bath Street Photography – Due to the harsh summer light and late sunsets (and early sunrises) it is normal for me at this time of year to ease off from hosting group landscape photography workshops and catch up on other work. Apart from taking a hard-earned holiday and shooting the odd wedding or two, I make it my goal to find time to hone a few of my own documentary and street photography skills. You may have noticed my post last month documented a day in the centre of London with a group of like-minded friends. This month’s post continues the theme of traditional street photography and displays an excerpt of an afternoon spent on my own with my camera in the city of Bath.

As it is with street photography, my only remit I gave myself was to travel light, unencumbered by large bags, tripods, or anything that would inhibit my ability to capture the moment. So much in this genre of photography relies on the photographer’s vision and ability to act quickly; it also relies heavily on the people not being aware of your presence taking the photograph. Added to the mix is a certain amount of serendipity (or luck even) and you have the ingredients to enjoy yourself!

You can imagine my delight when I came upon not one Bath street but two streets displaying 1000 colourful umbrellas hanging from overhead wires. Here is a small selection of images from the afternoon.

The Fuji X system cameras are perfect for street photography, especially the compact sizes of the X70 & X100 ranges. The tilting screen of the X70 is invaluable to shoot from the hip. My two cameras for my Bath street photography day were the Fujifilm X70 & X-T2 with a 8mm Samyang lens.

Umbrella statement

Fiji X70

Bath Street Photography hosted by Anthony Blake Photography


Street deliveries

Fuji X70 + WCL-X70 Wide angle converter

Street Photographer Anthony Balke


Reflecting on the overheads

Fuji X70 + WCL-X70 Wide angle converter

UK Street Photographer Anthony Blake


Coffee time

Fuji X70

UK Street Photography Workshops


Eastgate shoppers

Fuji X70 + WCL-X70 Wide angle converter

Street Photography Blog post by Anthony Blake Photography

Benchmark communications

Fuji X70 + WCL-X70 wide angle converter

UK Street Photography Workshops



You’re in my seat!

Fuji X70 + WCL-X70 wide angle converter

Umbrellas in Bath street photography

Boxed in

Fuji X-T2 + Samyang 8mm fisheye

Street photographer Anthony Blake red telephone box Bath


Back on Bath street

Fuji X70 + WCL-X70 wide angle converter

On the street, photography


Right on queue to get home

Fuji X-T2 + Samyang 8mm fisheye

Anthony Blake street photography in Bath

Bath-in-a-day Workshops

The cosmopolitan city of Bath is a fabulous place to photograph, whether it be the obvious and spectacular architecture of the city, the landscapes within it, or the raw potential of the street photography. I currently host two types of workshops in Bath each year, one in September and the two in December.

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