Fuji X factor on the street

Fuji X – Street Photography 

Fuji X day trips. From time to time I enjoy a photography trip to blow out the cobwebs. I recently joined a collective group of street photographers in London to flex my creative muscles. Street photography is a healthy challenge and definitely a way to push the boundaries of outdoor photography to its limits. If you are not used to capturing the dynamics and drama of people in the urban environment then I strongly urge you to give it a go: it can be very rewarding.

The Fuji X system cameras are perfect for street photography, especially the compact size of the X70 & X100 range. The tilting screen of the X70 is invaluable to shoot from the hip. An understanding and using of a manual zone focusing method (not dissimilar to hyperfocal focusing in landscape photography) makes life easier too; it gives you a high hit rate and means you can concentrate on being creative. 

Here are a few of the  images including a personal challenge from the day.

All images – Fuji X-T2, 23mm f/2 or Fuji X70


The different dynamics of young people as they cross the River Thames.

Fuji X Street photography London


There are other ways of crossing the river of course. The train crossing directly above the people below enjoying a quiet drink is just so ‘big city’. I like the geometric symmetry to the photo too.

Fuji X Street Photography London

Full Swing

In full swing on Westminster Bridge. So many things are going on here that encapsulate busy lives in London.

Fuji X Street photography in London


Oblivious to their surroundings this young couple embrace the better side of life on Westminster Bridge.

Fuji X Street photography in London

Other Circles

Westminster Bridge is heaving with people and traffic at the best of times. I waited my moment to isolate this cyclist who appears to also be elevated from the road.

London Street Photography


Love songs and ballads near Big Ben. Another singular and isolated experience. The busker (who was very good) is in his own world as city life goes by – adopting a stealth-like position was key for me.

Fuji X street photography in London

Nice Boots

A routine moment in the hustle and bustle of London life.

The lady in black is engaging, but there’s much more to the image.

Fuji X street photography in London

My personal challenge for the day

To photograph motion

Fuji X street photography in London

And …movement

Inspired by the style of Alexey Titarenko I wanted to capture the movement of the people walking down the steps.

The abstract is an acquired taste of course … I love Marmite too!

Fuji X street photography in London

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