Photographic memories

Photographic memories – A Year on!

Time to reflect on some photographic memoriesPhotographic memories. It’s nearly a year since we had the privilege to take a pilgrimage to northern France in our VW camper-van. In particular the First World War battle grounds of the Somme. This venture was a holiday that had a major impact on us.  Trips like this create photographic memories of course, but not the average holiday snaps reminding us of happy times. The loss of life and the story of the Somme is firmly recorded as one of the bloodiest of all wars. If you haven’t been to the Somme I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the area. We visited many of the memorials, the museums and the war graves of thousands of  soldiers who lost their lives. 

A few photographic memories of our week long visit 

The Battle of the Somme

In 141 days over one million perished

420,000 British   |   200,000 French  |   465,000 German (estimated) 

Thiepval Memorial

Making photographic memories like this involves a mindful approach. First reflecting on the atrocities of what happened. Secondly, drawing on known techniques to record the emotional response of that moment. Revisiting the photographs a year on puts me right back there. When making photographs I love geometric lines, shapes and curves in my compositions. The low sun was warm and inviting, setting on the spectacular memorial, adorning thousands of soldiers’ names. A poignant reminder of the Battle of the Somme. 

Fuji X-T1, 18/55mm, f/6.4, 1/60th sec, ISO 400

Thiepval Memorial, Anthony Blake Photography

Thiepval Memorial

Fuji X-T1, 56mm, f/1,2, 1/10000th sec, ISO 200

Thiepval Memorial, photographic memories


Thiepval Memorial

Fuji X-T1, 18/55mm, f/4, 1/125th sec, ISO 400

Thiepval Memorial, the Somme, photographic memories

Thiepval Memorial

A rich theme we encountered throughout the week: pilgrimages and memorials made by many … to the many!

Fuji X-T1, 56mm, f/5.6, 1/240th sec, ISO 200

Thiepval Memorial

Fuji X-T1, 18mm, f/16, 1/120th sec, ISO 200

Thiepval Memorial, Anthony Blake Photography, photographic memories

Thiepval Memorial 

This photograph was produced in camera on the Fuji X-T1 using the over-layer setting on the drive wheel. It’s not a feature I use that much but this composition lends itself to over layering one image on another. The ghostly feel of the image works for the subject matter.

Fuji X-T1, 56mm, f/4, 1/110 sec, ISO 200

Thiepval Memorial

Thiepval Memorial

Fuji X-T1, 18mm, f/7.1, 1/150th sec, ISO 200

Thiepval Memorial

Sunset at Thiepval

The inscription on the cross (right) says

Inconnu – Unknown 

As a boy I was a very proud Boys Brigade bugler. Each year at our annual summer camp I often found myself playing ‘Sunset’.

Now as a photographer at Thiepval, this is as near as I could get to visually playing ‘Sunset’. 

Fuji X-T1, 35mm, f/16, 1/200th sec, ISO 200, LEE 0.9 ND grad, Tripod

Photographic memories at Thiepval, Anthony Blake Photography


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