Photography; it’s what I do. 

Photography: it’s what I do.

In contrast to many, I’m not a natural self publicist, so don’t really shout from the roof tops about what I do. Photography and all that goes with it pays my bills, earns my living; I guess this makes me a professional; in truth I just work hard at what I love. That’s how it’s been now for many years.


Over the years, the reality of making a living from photography has meant a diverse approach. Saying yes and then figuring out afterwards how I was going to do it was a mantra I took on early in my professional work.


In the early days I measured my successes by competition and the drive to win awards. Yes, they came in the guise of commended awards in Landscape Photographer of the Year and the Jurassic Coast Award. I have had many publications and exhibition successes too. It feels great for a while, but it didn’t really satisfy my photographic thirst. Ultimately my photography had to satisfy me and no one else. So photography became my medium to create. Some artists use brushes – I adopted the camera. Over the years I have taken courses, given talks, joined associations, attended a few workshops and fed myself with an almost 24/7 drive to learn. I have studied endlessly, read, trained and fully immersed myself in virtually all aspects of the medium. I breathe photography in every way, every day.


I was born and have lived in Dorset (UK) all of my life, so I am proud to say Dorset is pivotal to my photographic work. Under the banner of Dorset Visual Arts, I have exhibited on a regular basis and have also worked closely with the Dorset Wildlife Trust. Many of my published images have a Dorset theme, with continued work for Dorset based Magazines like Dorset Life and Dorset Magazine. That said, I also travel and will work wherever it may take me, especially for landscapes, weddings and street photography projects.


Hosting photographic workshops is a great privilege and can be fun. Over the last decade I have welcomed participants from all over the globe, making many photographic friendships. I like to think that I am quite an enthusiastic tutor with a big heart to help others learn. There’s a lot of enjoyment from watching and encouraging budding photographers improve their skills. The workshops are for all levels and abilities. They include bespoke one-to-one tuition days, as well as one, two and three day group workshops in Dorset, Cornwall, Wiltshire and all over the south of England. They can be very rewarding and are designed to help with camera skills, camera craft in general and more importantly, creative techniques! For more details please see my workshops and courses website.


The creative and artistic potential of photography is what I love. The thread for the arts generally seems to be ever present in me, including an interest in writing, drawing and various genres of music. My earlier life experience in electrical engineering and its bias for technology, was the perfect platform for taking my photography profession forward.  I firmly believe photography is a life long art form and pursuit. It can continue to inspire and excite no matter what the age (or experience level) of the photographer.


Having lived with a painful rheumatoid condition since my late twenties, the need to self regulate and control pain has been aided by a mindful approach to my daily life. Mindfulness is a meditative process that helps tune into your surroundings and daily activities. Applying the same mindful process to my photographic life has been equally rewarding and has helped both practically and emotionally.


I have been a full frame DSLR user for as many years as I can remember. Over the last 4 years I have become a staunch  believer in the compact and excellent Fuji X series mirrorless cameras too. The lightweight and smaller system is perfect for urban, street and documentary photography.

Welcome to my world of photography … if you are still unsure, I am a photographer!

The Tiger 's north face, Anthony Blake Photography

 North face, Eiger, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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