Dorset Life in photographs

Publications Photographing Dorset

Dorset life in photographs would probably describe much of my photography work in my home county. It is always nice to get work chosen and published. I have heard it said that unless you have been published you are not a real photographer (not my view I might add). I’ll leave that for the elite few to debate. As you will see from the selection of images below there are a number of regular publications I submit to.  I have been fortunate enough to work for or submit to them for a number of years. I have to admit it does give you a buzz when you see your work in print and in the public domain.

Publications – Dorset Life

Dorset Life is a monthly magazine distributed around the county and beyond. The publications are full of great articles, exciting photographs, interesting historical pieces, splendid artwork and simply anything of interest to the people of Dorset. The first edition of the magazine was introduced in 1967 and it has been running ever since. I am pleased to say, over the years,  I have enjoyed seeing many of my photographs chosen for the front covers and centrespreads.

Publications – Dorset Magazine

Dorset Magazine is also a monthly magazine but with a much different style. Food, lifestyle, local celebrities and current affairs are more its thing. The magazine also has a penchant for things that are happening around the county. I have been fortunate to cover various stories and events on behalf of the magazine. The list includes AFC Bournemouth football club, town events and associated editorials, wildlife articles, exhibitions, celebrity shoots and more.

Publications – Local

Other local publications include work for Dorset Wildlife Trust, Dorset Echo, Bournemouth Echo, AFC Bournemouth, Addo Food Group, Dorset Cereals and a number of local calendar and card print companies.


Below is a selection of published work:

Dorset Life Centre Spread 


Dorset Life Publications