Seeing red in London

Seeing red in London

Seeing red in LondonEach year I enjoy a number of day trips to London for no other reason than to photograph people and the busy London life. A week or two ago a togger friend and I had to venture to the capital to get our camera sensors cleaned. This was a great opportunity to take to the streets with two of my other cameras (Fuji X70 & X-T20).

On the Street

Now when it comes to street photography there are various shooting techniques that can be applied to the way you shoot. Shooting from the hip, up close, from a distance and zonal focusing are just a few. But the refreshing nature of street photography is that it relies heavily on the mindset and vision of the photographer at the time. So, there are no real rules to what and why you capture an image.  Quite often, I set workshop participants small challenges to look for certain qualities within the frame when shooting, things like rhythm, abstract or specific colours.

My remit

My remit for the day then was a self-imposed mindset of seeing red within an image that presents itself, with a view to popping the colour red afterwards in editing. To give me an idea of how the final image might look, I adopted the monochrome setting on my two cameras. I knew the colours were still there in the RAW images in readiness for the final edit.

Style & Lollipops

Fuji X-T20, 23mm (23mm f/2 lens)

Seeing red on the busy steps of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. This stylish mum and well-dressed young lady, clad in matching red coats, enjoy each other’s company. The fruity red lollipop was a bonus. 

SW1 Tours

Fuji X-T20, 23mm (23mm f/2 lens)

Seeing red in Parliament Square was a little easier thanks to this chap with his umbrella. The red SW1 sign was the bonus and perfect opportunity to lead the eye into the image. Ironically it was not raining.

Parliament Square street photography


Fuji X-T20, 23mm (23mm f/2 lens)

Just around the corner in Parliament Square seeing red couldn’t have been simpler by including the telephone box, but the decisive moment was the girl gesticulating to her friend to my right – unaware of my presence. 

Street Photography London, Anthony Blake

Joy & Unease

Fuji X-T20, 56mm (56mm f/1.2 lens)

Across the river onto the embankment I was seeing red as this lady was watching her two daughters posing for each other with their cameras. I liked her joy in the first image. In the second image she clearly felt less comfortable in front of their lenses. In both cases she was oblivious to my presence.

Anthony Blake Seeing red in London
Anthony Blake Street Photography

Lip Service

Fuji X-T20, 35mm (35mm f/2 lens)

Walking up Whitehall, the traffic slowed to a complete stop. I couldn’t help seeing red on the side of the van.

Anthony Blake London Street Photography

The Scarf

Fuji X70, 18.5mm 

This interesting character caught my eye. He was so engrossed with his mobile phone he didn’t see me seeing red and being up very close with my camera.   

Anthony Blake Seeing red in London

The bag, honest!

Fuji X-T20, 56mm (56mm f/1.2 lens)

Just a sprinkling of red this time but enough to warrant capturing this young lady in flight as she majestically glided through Trafalgar Square.

Seeing red in London


The Eyes of Parliament

Fuji X-T20, 23mm (23mm f/2 lens)

It’s sometimes hard to capture images of the architecture in London so I just looked for a more interesting foreground. 

London Street Photography


Fuji X-T20, 23mm (23mm f/2 lens)

I love this lady’s expression, it’s so disapproving and makes me wonder if she knew I was capturing her grand look!

Seeing Red, Anthony Blake Photography

Enchanting on the Embankment

Fuji X-T20, 56mm (56mm f/1.2 lens)

Finally, I saved this black & white image to the end. This young singer sang beautifully and was without doubt the highlight of our day. We stood for some time photographing her as she performed. Look her up on youtube, she’s excellent!

Charlotte Campbell – Music on the streets of London

Anthony Blake Photographs Charlotte Campbell

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