Some extracts of letters, texts and emails sent to me by participants after attending workshops

Judy C – From Eastbourne, East Sussex
Great Pic! Great workshop! Great Company!
Thanks for the course notes too, will definitely see you again on another workshop!

Gilly H – From Winterborne Whitechurch, Dorset
Thanks so much for the great picture and course notes etc and thank you for a brilliant day. I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the cold! Everyone was so nice too, which made it even more enjoyable!

Andy Q – From Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Thanks for a great day i enjoyed it and felt you have moved my Landscape ability on no end.
Glad you solved my ISO mystery on my camera – funny you should say about it being effectively the same as using the compensation adjustment, that was a question that occurred to me earlier, so you have answered that too, thank you. Look forward to another session at some point in the year. Oh great group photo, came out well!

Mike M – From Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Many thanks for the photo and various course notes. I really enjoyed the day, a great group atmosphere and I learnt a lot. Much to remember and practice, which means my goal was achieved. It was a good opportunity just to spend time taking photos and learning without the pressures of everyday life. Something that I will no doubt look to repeat in the future.

West Dorset 2018

One-day group workshop

Turned into an Olympic event!

Andy, Me, Mike
Gilly and Judy

Jean B – SingaporeThanks for your time and patience this week. The three days have enlightened me completely. I am so pleased I took your advice last year to buy the Fuji X-T2 camera, it has changed the way I work and is the perfect companion. Please use this as a recommendation for others to come along on your workshops, I can’t praise them enough and love the artistic approach to your teaching and guidance. (AB: Jean, it was a pleasure   meeting you again and watching you enjoying your new camera. Great review too – I couldn’t have written it better myself  🙂

Bee D – BournemouthYour one-to-one tuition day was just what I needed. I was quite scared to begin with thinking I would not be good enough but you were brilliant with me Tony, you are a great teacher. I have now bought the Seven5 Lee filters which compliment my XT20. (AB: You are welcome Bee and I look forward to seeing you next month on the group session in Dorset)

Steve C – Basingstoke ... I really enjoyed the day and was bowled over by the different places we visited and the colours. The timing of the workshop was spot on! I wish we had so many spots like that to shoot here. (AB: Well it is known as glorious Dorset, Steve)

Alsion H  – London … this was a brilliant day and spoilt only by it having to stop. I don’t know why I was so worried beforehand. The others were very friendly and so helpful too! (AB: this was Alison’s first ever workshop)

Bas F – Devon As you know, Tony, I have recommended your workshops to our camera club members regularly and after this super day I was armed with a competition winner! (AB: Well done, Bas!)

 Richard L – Surrey … Another day to remember. I have lost count of how many photography days I have come on with you now. Always informative and a pleasure. I particularly loved getting so engrossed and lost within myself in those magical woods. At one with my camera my wife would say…LOL!

Bella S – Dorset Thank you Tony for the bluebell day and for all your advice and help, I had a really good day and the bluebells were a picture. I’ll be making a note of this one again for next year.

John I  – London … A super day’s photography with super people, see you in September, all the best John.

Sandy F- Dorset … “I thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent at Stourhead, even the rain later on didn’t spoil the day, (everyone went home except our group). I came home with some amazing photos. The tuition break was a real eye opener and has helped me no end.”    

Pete C – Devon “I just want to say thank you for your efforts organising such an excellent workshop and for me, a very rewarding photography time. The balance of tuition and your patience with me was appreciated. I have pictures I would never had managed to capture alone.” 

George  – Wilts … “Excellent day with lots of fun added!”

Beatrice D  – Northants … “Anthony,  please feel free to use this recommendation. Three wonderful days in Cornwall, we had good weather, great company, excellent photography tuition, superb accommodation, very friendly staff and as you can tell I came home very pleased with my shots.”  

 Brian L – Switzerland … “Thanks a lot Tony, Jessica and I enjoyed our photographic holiday in England. The time in Cornwall was very enjoyable… my wife even let me buy those LEE filters on my return. I am ready to go now, LOL, I now have a longer shopping list than before, the 24-105 next. Thanks again.” 

John J – Somerset ... Tony, please accept my sincere thanks and praise for what was the best photography day I have ever experienced. Yes the weather helped and yes the sunset was to die for, but the tuition and help you gave me was amazing and so appreciated. I really can’t express just what a learning curve the day was. My only complaint was how quickly it went by. 

Sandra S  – Hampshire … What a brilliant day we had on this workshop. I learned more in 9 hours yesterday than I did in 2 years at college. We both  can’t wait to come along again in September, thanks Tony!

 Elizabeth H – Shropshire … If anyone is looking to improve their landscapes and learn about their camera and filters I can thoroughly recommend your workshops. My thanks for your patience with me, especially when John and Ian were more experienced. I have asked my camera club to book you for a talk next season.