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Dorset Wedding Photographer Anthony Blake documentary style

To photograph a wedding is a wonderful opportunity as a photographer. Sharing and experiencing what is ultimately the best and most memorable day of a couple’s lives. My approach to shooting weddings is to be as relaxed as possible; a documentary style that is not ‘in your face’ and to complement the wedding by being as unobtrusive as possible.

Relaxed doesn’t mean unprepared, so I always like to meet the bride and groom well in advance of the wedding day to discuss their wishes. I also offer a free pre-wedding shoot, which apart from adding extra pictures to the overall portfolio, also gives us a chance to share a photo shoot together before the big day. Of course you don’t have to have a pre-shoot. However, it is an invaluable time as it gives us a chance to get to know each other as friends.  It also can help to build a relaxed and fun rapport before the day itself. When possible I also check out the wedding and reception venues in advance. 

What style?

You sometimes hear a photographer speak of their photography style. Wedding photography comes in many guises including formal, traditional (normal), fine art, fashion, photojournalism and also candid documentary styles. The traditional and formal styles can involve multiple group and staged images. I am not against staged images totally – indeed I am always happy to include them if that is your preference. However, my preferred genre is candid documentary style.

What is a candid documentary style?


How I work

The aim: firstly to fit into the day as seamlessly as possible, as much like a guest as possible. I dress smartly, just as a guest would do. I use small professional cameras that are not intrusive or in your face; sometimes other guests may think I am a guest!  Secondly to document your day and then present you with a timeline of what happened throughout, avoiding, wherever possible, the preconceived formal images that could drive a photographer into taking control. I am a fly on the wall, with my camera. Ultimately I aim to be a storyteller, my images being the narrative of what happens on your wedding day. You, the guests, both family and friends, to be captured reacting naturally, not posed.

Practically,  I rarely use flash: the on-camera flash can distract and emphasise the photographer’s presence (my aim is to be stealth-like and invisible). The moment I have attracted attention, I will probably move away. My Fuji X cameras are pivotal to this style of photographing. You won’t hear paparazzi style multiple camera shutters firing at any time. 

You are unique!

No two weddings are the same and your day is totally unique. Equally my approach to photographing your day is  unique and individual to you, so my costs are based solely on your requirements – there is no fixed rate for all weddings. Requirements and costs will be calculated before the wedding, so there will be no surprises. If you choose any add-ons (see right) they will be agreed afterwards. You can be sure of my total commitment to your day and to the documenting of your wedding to the highest standard possible.

Wedding packages 

I have detailed three basic starting packages (below).

Please note these are a guide only.

Your photography and requirements will be planned  to suit you.

Package 1

Shooting the wedding ceremony, starting with the bride and/or the groom getting ready, finishing with the shoot outside the church when the couple leave for the reception. Free (optional) pre wedding shoot included (different day). 50-75 images supplied on compact disk or memory stick. (See add-ons, right).

Package 2

Shooting the wedding day including reception, starting with the bride and/or the groom getting ready, the church, reception, finishing generally with the speeches. Free (optional) pre wedding shoot included (different day). 75-100 images supplied on compact disk or memory stick. (See add-ons, right).

Package 3

Shooting the complete day, starting with the bride and/or the groom getting ready, the church, the reception and speeches, finishing with the first dance at the evening do. I also like to include (if time permits) a time with the couple at a different location i.e. the beach or somewhere special. Free (optional) pre wedding shoot included (different day). 100-125 images supplied on compact disk or memory stick. (See add-ons, right).

Packages start at around £750.00

If you would like to make any enquiry about a proposed wedding please contact Tony