X rated Fuji trip

X rated Fuji

It has been a little quiet on my website over the past month or so as it has been quite a busy period for me. One stand-out experience was an epic X rated Fuji trip to the Oberland region in Switzerland. You can imagine, this gave me a great opportunity to flex the muscles of my Fuji X cameras and lenses with some spectacular landscape photography on the Bernese Alps.

Glacier View

Fuji X-T2, 23mm (23mm f/2 lens)

At over 11000 feet this glacier was a sight to behold. The surrounding mountains extended a further 2000 feet above my vantage point. I have to confess to suffering badly with altitude sickness at the time, so I am amazed I was able to make the image at all. The excellent and relatively lightweight camera/lens combination really comes into its own when travelling to locations like this, delivering quality images and usability in a package worthy of my  ‘X rated Fuji’ title for this post.  


X rated Fuji



Fuji X-T2, 18mm (18-55mm lens)

More X rated Fuji images. A little lower this time at approx 5400 feet and definitely no altitude sickness, this viewpoint looking towards the Eiger occupied a lot of my time and emotions that day. I particularly like the clouds drifting into view and was awestruck by the magnitude of the Eiger. I wish you could see the large version of this image.

Oberland region

Fuji X-T2, 200mm (55-200mm lens)

 I waited quite a time for this image to reveal itself as the cloud and mist drifted through this 1000 foot drop valley. My vantage point was level with the top of the valley and rugged mountain face. I loved the layers created by the mist on the left/central part of the image. To give a sense of perspective, the minuscule waterfall on the right of the image drops a 1000 feet. The base of the valley is already around 2600 feet high. This image reminds me of images of the Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

The blues!

Fuji X-T2, 200mm (55-200mm lens)

 Not too far from the location of the previous image, this was made on a different photo shoot just after dawn and nearly a week later. The sun was rising fast and I was especially pleased to capture the light shining on the building. For an image that is predominately brown, green and white, I find it amazing that the light can change the scene to those lovely layers of blue and yellow throughout! An X rated Fuji image for me for sure and one of my favourites from the trip.


Fuji X-T2, 55mm (18-55 lens)

 Towering above us at 12000 feet, the upper peaks of Mount Monch slowly empty their slopes to the glacier below. The unspoilt crevasses caught my eye and made for perfect foreground interest. Never satisfied, I would have liked to see some human presence in shot to give it a sense of true perspective.

Tropical rainstorm

Fuji X-T2, 200mm (55-200 lens)

Lake Brienz is situated 2000 feet above sea level in the lower levels of the mountains. It offers a tranquil setting with picturesque shoreline villages set within the backdrop of the mountains in the distance. This afternoon the mountains were engulfed in cloud so here on the lake was the perfect opportunity to capture an atmospheric image with a difference, the rainstorm on the lake more reminiscent of Vietnamese riverside houses in a tropical storm. The human presence was timely!

The dawn on the Silberhorn

Fuji X-T2, 135mm (55-200 lens)

 To beat the civil twilight of pre-dawn meant an early start and much effort was involved to make this image. It necessitated rolling out of bed early, putting the kettle on and then grabbing my kit, including my Sirui lightweight tripod. I then sauntered out onto the balcony of my chalet. The next hour was arduous to say the least, as I supped more than one cup tea whilst waiting for the sun to rise over the peaks to my left. Not long after, my wife would wake and prepare my breakfast. Landscape photography at its toughest!

Mist opportunity 

Fuji X-T2, 200mm (55-200 lens)

 This misty opportunity was a happy accident (what I’d give for such an occurrence in the UK!). After almost giving up on the day as I thought the clouds were in to stay, the mist started to break over the mountainside  forest creating the layers. A good lesson for a landscape photographer is to be patient and wait for that decisive moment.

Alpine landscape

Fuji X-70, 18.5mm 

 Classed as a compact camera, the X-70 has the sensor quality and running gear of the first generation of Fuji X cameras. This image was made whilst enjoying an afternoon Alpine walk. Just goes to prove the joys of landscape photography do not have to involve heavy equipment and mega expensive lenses. All hail the X rated Fuji.


Fuji X-T2, 40mm (18-55mm lens) 

 This was a surreal day, I didn’t expect to see this lonesome young cow wandering across this mountain ridge at over 7000 feet; neither did I expect to experience snow for the first time in my life on my birthday in August. Experiences last forever so this image will always bring a smile to my face.

The North Face

Fuji X-T2, 12mm (Samyang) 

 The north face of the Eiger is the most spectacular sight for any landscape photographer; it simply beggars belief. Doing it the justice of its immensity and rugged appearance is not easy. I tried on a number of occasions to make an image which befitted its character and portrayed its true awesome demeanour. I failed miserably and look forward to revisiting it in the near future. This image was a compromise so my intention of returning will remain strong. The small lake offered the ideal opportunity to reflect the familiar Swiss chalet architecture in the water as well as the north face of the mountain itself, the top of which was engulfed by cloud for much of the time (it is over 13000 feet high).

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